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Welcome to the BioCatNet database system

The BioCatNet database system is a repository of sequence, structure and biocatalytic data on protein families to facilitate protein engineering.

The BioCatNet concept

BioCatNet core data model

Proteins are assigned to homologous families by their sequence similarity. Homologous families are then grouped hierarchically to superfamilies (similar to the DWARF system by Fischer et al. 2006).

On the sequence level, annotations may include functionally relevant positions and domain boundaries. Given sufficient structural information, a standard numbering scheme is provided for a protein family which allows for the unambiguous identification of functionally and structurally relevant residues, to communicate results on mutations and to systematically analyze sequence-function relationships in protein families (Vogel et al. 2012).

Currently, we extend the BioCatNet data model to store biocatalytic data and to analyze experimental data by selected kinetic models (Buchholz et al. 2018).

The BioCatNet Excel template for the exchange of biocatalytic data or time-course data is described in the wiki.

Available databases

The BioCatNet infrastructure currently contains the following family-specific protein databases:

Abbreviation Database No. of sequences No. of structures
CYPED CYtochrome P450 Engineering Database 52674 595
ExED Expansin Engineering Database 15089 21
GH19ED Glycoside Hydrolase 19 Engineering Database 22461 27
HYED Hydratase Engineering Database 2046 3
IRED Imine Reductase Engineering Database 1409 8
LCCED LaCCase and multicopper oxidase Engineering Database 51058 229
LED Lipase Engineering Database 283672 1590
oTAED ω-Transaminase Engineering Database 114655 234
SDRED Short-chain Dehydrogenase / Reductase Engineering Database 168212 688
TEED Thiamine diphosphate-dependent Enzymes Engineering Database 119567 308
TEMLACED TEM LACtamase Engineering Database 483 65
TTCED TriTerpene Cyclase Engineering Database 2794 18


BioCatNet is maintained by the Bioinformatics group at the Department of Technical Biochemistry at University of Stuttgart, Germany.
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